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There are so many articles out there with a headline resembling the heading of this article. Even I tried initially to write an article that could work as a comprehensive guide for a beginner. But I realized that there were so many things I wanted to cover that a single article would not suffice. Thus I have written a series of articles with the same intent. This is an introduction to the articles I have written and together they can be considered as a guide to mutual funds.

  • 1. Understanding Mutual Funds: This is an introduction to mutual funds, I have tried to cover even the most basic concept which people assume that everybody knows. You might find some things which so-called MF experts profess, missing, or the exact opposite is written, this is intentional and not a mistake. You will find many popular opinions are nothing but marketing gimmicks.
  • 2. Understanding Debt Mutual Funds: A few days before writing this article I heard one of my friends saying, “Debt funds are risk-free”. This article explains the basics of debt funds to protect you from believing such rubbish. Even if you are a seasoned MF investor I recommend you give this a read, you might realize debt funds are a whole different breed.
  • 3. Growth Vs Dividend Funds: I started this article as a comparison of growth and dividend option in a mutual fund, but I struggled to find advantages of dividend option. Thus I ended up writing an article busting the myths about dividend options. Even if you don’t read this article, you should avoid dividend option in mutual funds.
  • 4. What is a SIP?: Oh, the misconception people have. Starting from considering SIPs as a unique investment instrument like RDs, to assuming SIPs reduces risk. I have explained basics of SIP, and have tried to explain some popular myths about SIP that I have personally witnessed being propagated.
  • 5. Index Investing and Index Funds: I am still not satisfied with this article, because I can talk/write for hours about this topic. The struggle was limiting this article to a comfortable length. A very basic introduction to index investing and index funds.
  • 6. All Types of Mutual Funds In India: A brief explanation of all 36 categories of mutual funds as per SEBI categorization. Not much detail has been provided, as that would have turned this into a book, but you can have an idea about all these categories and that will aid in further study if you want to learn more about any category.
  • 7. Which Category of Mutual Fund to Choose?: Simple to the point article about the mutual fund categories I recommend. A retail investor can have a pretty successful financial situation if she/he sticks to these categories rather than collecting a plethora of funds.
  • 8. How to Select a Mutual Fund?: A very simple and effective way to select a mutual fund. Please don’t get confused by the overcomplicated approaches which so-called experts preach, because at the end of the day your investment plan matters way more than the fund you select.

Happy investing to you dear reader.

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