Financial Consultation

  • If you are someone who likes to handle all your financial matters on your own.
  • You like to learn and implement rather than going through some professional.
  • But either you are stuck at some point or want to confirm your decision.

Book A Call

You can book a 1-hour telephonic consultation for just Rs 500/-

Ashish Naresh Kumar is an AMFI registered financial product distributor and also an ex-officer of the State Bank of India. He has experience of 7 years working in the financial sector. Your queries will be dealt with in a detailed manner and at a satisfactory level.

What Type of Question You Can Ask?
Anything from as basic as “what is mutual funs?”, to advanced queries like “what type of risk management strategies should I use?”. It completely depends on you and the issues you are facing.

But please avoid questions related to product recommendations., like “which is the best mutual funds?”, “which term insurance company should I choose?”. The reason is, products are not completely good or bad for all, products can only be recommended after knowing your needs and requirements which requires an in-depth process. In this case, you can look into our other services.

So book your appointment right now if you need an expert consultation.