Hi, I am Ashish Naresh Kumar, I am the chief writer and editor for GrowYourGullak. I am an engineer by education but I refrain from calling myself one as I have never worked as an engineer. I have worked in the State Bank of India on several posts and resigned from the post of Branch Manager in 2018. Currently, I am a registered Mutual Fund Distributor (ARN-174703).

The major step in my financial journey came when I joined the State Bank of India (SBI). I played numerous roles in this bank. Branch Manager, Field Officer (a combination of Loan Officer, Recovery Officer, and Survey Officer), and an Insurance and Mutual Fund agent (not exactly an agent but the officer responsible for cross-selling of these products) were the major ones.

SBI gave me a huge amount of practical knowledge about the financial life of middle-class Indians. Both rural and urban, living in a metropolitan like Delhi to remote villages of Uttarakhand. It also enhanced my knowledge of personal finance. But I realized that the level of independence I want, the lifestyle I want to live are not compatible with a job.

Motivated by this realization I became a teacher and a student at the same time. I resigned from SBI. My resignation from the bank only brought criticism and surprise. But today I live a satisfying life with financial independence. I earn my money by doing what I love, I am my own boss, and I have time to enjoy everything that this life has to offer.

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