What is this site about?

GrowYourGullak is a financial blog that aims at providing practical, simple, and step-by-step solutions to people who want to plan for a financially successful future. Today when most sources either overcomplicate or oversimplify financial concepts and rather than helping, harm the readers we focus on telling the truth about what can be achieved and what is at risk.

Every article on this site follows one basic principle, KISS – Keep It Super Simple.

We want to make people fall in love with this field. Complex jargon may impress but won’t help you understand and adapt the concept. We want to help our readers understanding their problems and finding the solutions to these problems in the simplest of language.

This site has some simple aims, that we can relate to on a personal level.

  • Providing knowledge related to Personal Finance to anyone who is looking for it.
  • Helping you become self-reliant when it comes to Personal Finances.
  • Convincing as many people as we can, that wanting, planning, and working to get more money is a good thing.
  • Helping those who desire Financial Freedom, achieve it.

Who am I?

I am Ashish Naresh Kumar, studied Engineering but fell in love with Personal Finance. I have worked in the State Bank of India on various posts and resigned as a Branch Manager.

My introduction to the world of finance and economics was through the book Indian Economics by Ramesh Singh (not highly recommended). I fell in love with personal finance and financial independence through another book The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason (highly recommended). This encounter with books, both good and bad, has been continuous and ongoing.